Magic Hand Mini Sculpture Necklace 01


  325 lei
The Magic Hand Necklace 01 is part of the All OK on-going basic apparel and jewelry collection
925 Sterling silver mini sculpture and necklace |  hand carved pendant | 50 cm sterling silver necklace | shiny finissage
Manifesto: I always manage to somehow follow my ♥️ and not my 🧠. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. Most of the times I just get anxious. I’m not rational, I am emotional. As much as I want it to be the other way around, as much as I am working on it, I always end up counting my tears. Be they tears of joy or tears of pain. I guess some things cannot be changed, so why try change them?
And in the end it’s not bad at all. In the end it is actually OK. Somehow it turns out to be OK. Tears are OK, sadness is OK, numbness is OK, happiness is OK. Feeling feelings is OK.
This little sculpture is my constant reminder that all is good and life is better than I actually think.
Yes, I am a walking cliché but hey, who’s judging?.

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