This week’s crush “Starz” – Cristina photographed by Mihai Bumbu, with love from our archives


Not another swipe. Not another meaningless scroll. Not another fast love. Not another fake conversation. Not another lack of connection. Not another internet drama. Not another like. Not another share. Not another thing you’d never do in real life but you waste daily online. Not another meme. Not another fake identity. Not another smiley. Not another Valentine. Not another lie. Not another love story.This is not about St. Valentine’s day. It’s about St. Everyday.

Marina, captured by Dasha Kucher, 14 February 2021



Muse Diana Sar, captured on film by Eliza Lupu, 22 AUGUST 2020


Super Babe – Summer 2020

 90’s-inspired ‘Super Babe’ collection marks a new step in the brand’s slow-but-steady race from basic apparel to a new luxurious approach. The collection encapsulates fresh silk pieces – an ode to femininity and sexiness – which are left untouched by any type of handwriting. They are seen as blank pages waiting to be written – either by a piece of jewellery, or simply by being worn, mimicking the shapes of the wearer. They flow gently on the body, like some sort of liquid stardust.

 Nevertheless, the concept is embedded in the new basics. Find motivational phrases like ‘I love me’, or funny word associations like ‘Hot Mess’ embroidered with silk thread on organic Stanley Stella t-shirts as well as on freshly-cut swimsuits.

But who is the Super Babe?

She is the babe who does the work. She is pretty, smart and lovable. She is aware. Of her spirit, of her mind, of her growth and of herself. She loves her flaws because they make her special. She loves the colours like a form of therapy and textures like a chef loves spices. She is in love but her feet are on the ground. She loves to play but she never loses her head. Super Babe is that babe who talks like herself and owns it like Beyonce.


Super Babe – the Collection, worn by Katya and lensed by Dasha