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MAY, 8th, 2019 / SKIN DEEP SHARES:

BELOVED Love them all, no exception. PHOTOS BY ELENA MARIA POPESCU


Outcast – A person who has no place in their society or in a particular group, because the society or group refuses to accept them.


We’re not here anymore. We’re somewhere far, far away in the land of NeverHappened, ignoring ourselves and ignoring eachother. Unconsciously hating those different, judging the bold, underestimating the shy. On what ground?


With the help of our friends at Printoteca, we have gathered all unwanted leftover t-shirts and sweatshirts, and transformed them into merrier items looking for a new home. BELOVED is a collection that teaches acceptance, tolerance and respect. That’s why 15% of all profit goes to abandoned children.




A person who has found their place in a particular group, because that group understands the meaning- and values the power of tolerance, acceptance and respect.





Róisín Murphy wearing Skin Deep, photographed by Andrei Iovu somewhere behind the scenes for the official Harper’s Bazaar shoot. I die now, yes.















To whom it may concern, I decided to transform the Skin Deep Facebook like page into a simple and honest shopping place. Find there all of your favorite items from the on-going collection which you can order at any time. Delivery is still slow bc we don’t keep any stocks and prices are not low bc production is not a cheap process, but I am sure our community is getting more and more familiar with this.

Also, something very interesting and of great use is that the Classic T-shirt collection is to be enriched with 3 new pieces. We are working on those as we speak.




Three months ago I made a promise to myself to only write positive stuff here. And as all promises, made to be broken – it is sort of reversed psychology, right? – well, here you have it: the first ever “meh, not so happy” post in this thread. Hopefully also the last. But hey, we all know how sometime life gets kinda meh and not nice and without this meh it’ll prolly be dull and boring, right?

a. I had some nightmares recently that made me think and overthink. Questions popped in my head:  Where do I fade and where does the ego take over? What is the key to a happy ego?  Are my insecurities okay? Am I actually okay with my insecurities? Have I ever hurt people with my ego?

b. Even though I don’t consider myself a self-centered person, well I am but not in the sense of undermining other people in order to validate my own insecurities, I do need validation. I need it, you need it, we all scream for validation, let’s be honest. And most of the times it roots from childhood, puberty or early adulthood.

c. I have come to peace with the fact that my past experience left a heavy mark on me, and it’s not easy to erase. It takes a great deal of effort to even start thinking about it. I paid that effort several times and most of the times I felt like giving up. The mark is still there, and it’s fading very slowly.

d. What I have come to realize is that evil comes along with competition, outside the natural competition parameters. When we start comparing insecurities, when we start counting validations and when we hurt others’ feelings in order to satisfy our ego. 


NOT ANOTHER LOVE STORY The collection showcased here stands as reflection of the volatility of (erotic, social or professional) relationships in the internet era; the thirst for instant gratification; the diffusion of responsability; life on fast-forward for the swipe and like generation – all of which are subtly expanding to offline-raised generations.




‘mind tangle’

‘This is not another love story. This is not another moment. This is not another t-shirt. This is not another message. This is not another life. This is not another you. This is not another you buyng this t-shirt. This is not another you buying this not another t-shirt and thinking about this message which is not another message. This is not another you actually grasping the not another message on this t-shirt which is not another t-shirt. This is not another you in this moment, which is not another moment, grasping this not another message, thinking about life, which is actually not another life. This is not another you wearing this not another t-shirt and thinking about that not another life which consists of many love stories. But this is not another love story and at the same time this is not another you.’

– Marina




FEBRUARY 5th, 2019,




See, clicking on the right link leads you to the right news. Yes, that is correct, we are launching a line of underwear consisting of … Well, it might be better to wait and see. Important thing is our meet and greet session will start on the 11th from 6 to 8 p.m. We will try and make sure you get a ll the info regarding the new pieces – which, of course will be available for sale and pre-order. We might even consider custom-made service, but that’s still in the process.

Location: Printoteca Lipscani, Mo. 11 to Sat. 16 February, opening hours: 1 p.m. – 8 p.m., event details are here

That’s it for now. See you soon.


JANUARY 21st, 2019, Blue Monday



I will use the same intro as the one in the Skin Deep manifesto. Apparently it suits me pretty well: Little did I know, just yesterday when I named my sales action “Blue Monday Madness”. Oh Lord, madness it was! I am still typing, replying our clients’ mails and praying all fabrics in the Fabric Land did not end. I didn’t have time to eat properly because I used the break for showering. And thinking about life. And how I actually love my life. And how I should never quit myself, my work and my dreams. Clicheeeee, I know. But it is true tho. My life is a cliche. And yours too – you just won’t admit it because you want to be cool. OK, crazy Marinia needs to stop. So much, fast-forward, deep thinking in between writing mails, paying bills and figuring out how to fill that empty stomach of mine. That escalated quickly. Thai. Thai. Thai, I want thai. Now.


I mean the wonders of three cups of coffee, right?Subscribe now, if you understood anything I said.



JANUARY 17th, 2019



There are two very important facts you need to know which will change your life, well… more or less: One – our team has a new very motivated member. You’ll meet him as soon as you’ll place an order on our shop. He helps delivering you the goodies. And two, Random Blue Monday. Oh, you’ll love it. Why? Well, because 70% OFF! One whole day of HUGE SALES on all orders placed online. Basically you get a discount of 70%  for any item you buy from our shop on the 21st of January. 24 hours of madness. Yes, it will be challenging and delivery may take a while and, most important this discount is applied only to orders placed on our shop.

How does it work?

As simple as this: You place your order as usual and then we mail you with the discount price and we ship your stuff.

Are you in?



JANUARY 11th, 2019



Last summer I received this swim good piece from the designer, and friend, behind one of my favorite local brands: Skin Deep. But I did not get to wear it until recently.

 You know why?

Not that I’d like to bore anyone with a lot of blah-blahs, but I am young women born an raised in the Balkans, and as much as we don’t like to admit it, or we choose to pass by it in denial, this specific cultural area has had young women coming out more like less coming and more staying in the closet. When it comes to self-confidence, of course. And other topics we can discuss later on.

Growing up with beauty standards and being taught by the masculine presence in my family that validation comes from social aspects and that knowing if you are doing good, or if you are doing right, would always end up being a reality check with the outside, never with the inside.

I am not saying that sometimes it did not help, what I am saying is that this particular upbringing has fed over the years an insecurity with my own body, digesting it slowly into an identity crisis, and ultimately to a lot of unhappiness.

Everywhere I look there’s an undeniable thirst for packaging, for human branding – the illusion of social media that makes introverts become extroverted, and extroverts quiet with letters, it distorts reality, gender, perception and it feeds a type of desire that can be poisonous for the soul. It makes you desire a smaller waist, perfect skin, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, it tells you that men like skinny, but then again, men like also curvy, that trends are a tic-tac of anorexia and bulimia, ass twerking and filtered beauty that leaves nothing but error to the beholder.

All these mistakes have only led to insecurities, and all those insecurities have only led to bad decisions in my private life over the years. I chose so many wrong guys just because I though that was all my worth. I cried. I did therapy. I lost myself between swipes and likes for validation, men who never appreciated me for what I really am as a woman.

Because I never did really appreciate myself.

I learned and I am still learning that there’s so much more to every single one of us out there . That self-love and care is vital. That no one will be able to tell your worth better than yourself. That beauty and stories lie in stretch marks, yet they also lie with scars that are not visible to the eye. That everything heals with kindness, patience and hard work.

Write your chapters proudly and let them read you. Honesty is fuel to beauty.

For all the women out there who have been bullied at least once in their life, never be afraid of who you are, of your personal truth.

Carina Calin is the founder & finder of Detox+ Market



JANUARY 10th, 2019



This is a post about how my interview was published in – for which I am most grateful. There’s not much to say, except that I am happy and have this nice feeling in my gut. Good things are about to happen. Read all about my creative philosophy here.

Marina (Moldovan) is the founder and creative director of Skin Deep





                      SOMETHING SMART

But I actually have no rabbits in my pocket.

Which is actually pretty scary since January is my month of profound thoughts and intense creativity. Since I promised myself to only deliver good news, here it is: There are strong chances, Skin Deep will be launching a mini-collection of cheeky, silky undies next month. Even though I barely started working on it, I have it all crystal-clear in my mind palace. Till then I strongly encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter here.






OK, OK, OK. 2k18 is over, so I made a short review, after a little shot of hazelnut Schnapps and a well-deserved break from the internet & SM (where SM means social media, not some abbreviation for sexual practice). I would probably rate this year somewhat  3/5 ⭐️ – less than the usual, for all the not so comfortable experiences. But then again, without those, how can one develop into a better person? So actually, thank you life and thank you, 2018.

1. Best thing I learned this year was self-respect which brings along the love for self everyone is making such a big fuss about.

2. The power of saying NO along the wisdom of knowing when to say that – those two can bring so much inner peace, surprisingly

3. I am not pizza. I said it before but now I really mean it.

4. I learned that it is possible to visit the whole world almost broke. Or at least many parts of Europe.

5. The law of attraction is real af.

6. It’s okay to be different but the world is so confused atm it can make you doubt that.

 7. The meaning of ”me time”

8. Friends are those lifelong stickers who truly understand you. And most importantly THEY DON’T JUDGE.

9. Thanks to all those people who helped me be creative, you know exactly who you are.

1o. Thanks to all of you who helped me see the truth and bared with all my drama.

11. And last but not least, thank you internet for helping me get 70% off on my favorite sneakers.

Long story short – even though my arm is pointing relatively to the ground, I am still aiming to the ceiling and balancing along the way. Have an easy slide into the following year and may it be all glitter and unicorns.







Raise boys and girls the same way. With the same respect, love and common sense. Teach them how to share the same respect, the same common sense and the same love, one for self and one for another. This is not just a manifesto. This is not another warning. This is not some random story. Because no story is random and no story is unimportant. The story speaks about fear, vulnerability and assault. Feelings no one should feel.  So, raise boys and girls the same way.






















I was looking for the car. It was parked 100m away from the pin. I called the driver who apologized for missing the meeting point. All good. Got in, put my headphones on and went on social media.Text pops on my phone: “Sorry for missing the meeting point. Next drive is on me.” Took my headphones off and asked: 
– Have you just texted me?
– Oh, yes. Didn’t want to bother. Your next drive is on me.
I politely replied:
– Ok, thanks. – I put my headphones back and press play. 
– Where are you heading? He asked.
– Ahem… (wtf – I thought – Waze should know that) 
– Work or home?
– … (wtf again) Work – I replied.
– Ok great. How long will you be? I can come pick you up after you finish.
I didn’t want that. It sounded creepy. I thought we were just being polite making conversation. At least i was. 
– I donno.
– Come on, make an estimate an hour half an hour?
This was making me feel very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable my hands were sweating.
– I honestly don t know.
– Ok, I tell you what, I give you my phone no and you call me when you are done. 
– Ok I replied with a  scared voice – thinking that that will be that and i could go on scrolling. But I felt extremely uncomfortable atm. 
Two minutes later:
– Ok, you know what, you just call me now so that i have your phone no. Do you have WhatsApp? Ok that was getting a bit too weird, i was a bit too scared and we were in the middle of nowhere, reaching the destination but still in a bad neighborhood. I thought it would be best to just give him my number, get there safely and then block him. I couldn’t think of anything smarter and didn’t want to push any limits. 
– Ok.
– Oh, Marina what a nice name, lovely to meet you – He turns around to shake hands. I politely shake hands and start texting some friends. I then get this brilliant idea to call my friend and engage in a long conversation till i get out. Done. Just before reaching destination I ask the driver to pull over, because I am in a hurry. I get out of the car and start walking. My hands are sweaty I am sweaty, heart is racing and i cannot focus. I reach my destination and notice his car in front of it. Seconds later my phone beeps. Texts from the mf driver from hell. Some of which i can t translate because of super bad typo and others like “Marina you call me when you finish okay?” I block him and report his action. My day is fucked. I have now a little idea what it feels like to be harassed and think fearfully of what rape feels like. My stomach aches and  i try fishing some empathy from others. Conclusion: there is a deep lack of empathy and may come from fear of the fear or simply not giving a fuck, which i don t really dig. And that is not ok at all to feel unsafe in public transportation, aggressors are real, being vulnerable sucks and harassment is traumatizing.
It has got to stop.