Skin Deep shares the No Means No awareness campaign



Raise boys and girls the same way. With the same respect, love and common sense.
Teach them how to share the same respect, the same common sense and the same love, one for self and one for another.




This is not just a manifesto. This is not another warning. This is not some random story. Because no story is random and no story is unimportant.



The story speaks about fear, vulnerability and assault. Feelings no one should feel.


















So, raise boys and girls the same way.

I was looking for the car. It was parked 100m away from the pin. I called the driver who apologized for missing the meeting point. All good. Got in, put my headphones on and went on social media.Text pops on my phone: “Sorry for missing the meeting point. Next drive is on me.” Took my headphones off and asked: 
– Have you just texted me?
– Oh, yes. Didn’t want to bother. Your next drive is on me.
I politely replied:
– Ok, thanks. – I put my headphones back and press play. 
– Where are you heading? He asked.
– Ahem… (wtf – I thought – Waze should know that) 
– Work or home?
– … (wtf again) Work – I replied.
– Ok great. How long will you be? I can come pick you up after you finish.
I didn’t want that. It sounded creepy. I thought we were just being polite making conversation. At least i was. 
– I donno.
– Come on, make an estimate an hour half an hour?
This was making me feel very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable my hands were sweating.
– I honestly don t know.
– Ok, I tell you what, I give you my phone no and you call me when you are done. 
– Ok I replied with a  scared voice – thinking that that will be that and i could go on scrolling. But I felt extremely uncomfortable atm. 
Two minutes later:
– Ok, you know what, you just call me now so that i have your phone no. Do you have WhatsApp? Ok that was getting a bit too weird, i was a bit too scared and we were in the middle of nowhere, reaching the destination but still in a bad neighborhood. I thought it would be best to just give him my number, get there safely and then block him. I couldn’t think of anything smarter and didn’t want to push any limits. 
– Ok.
– Oh, Marina what a nice name, lovely to meet you – He turns around to shake hands. I politely shake hands and start texting some friends. I then get this brilliant idea to call my friend and engage in a long conversation till i get out. Done. Just before reaching destination I ask the driver to pull over, because I am in a hurry. I get out of the car and start walking. My hands are sweaty I am sweaty, heart is racing and i cannot focus. I reach my destination and notice his car in front of it. Seconds later my phone beeps. Texts from the mf driver from hell. Some of which i can t translate because of super bad typo and others like “Marina you call me when you finish okay?” I block him and report his action. My day is fucked. I have now a little idea what it feels like to be harassed and think fearfully of what rape feels like. My stomach aches and  i try fishing some empathy from others. Conclusion: there is a deep lack of empathy and may come from fear of the fear or simply not giving a fuck, which i don t really dig. And that is not ok at all to feel unsafe in public transportation, aggressors are real, being vulnerable sucks and harassment is traumatizing.
It has got to stop.



ceci n’est pas a print

It may sound over the top, but this is not a product. This is the best quality provided in romania on print & customizing services.After a long period of trial and error, hard work and patience, we met Printoteca. What seemed to be impossible at the time,  it is now sold on our shop.We can only thank their moms for that and pray that they will be inspiration for many.






Human APJ

I named mine Jon. Back in 2015. Adelina is still working at her online store but you can surf on the instagram and see all the fellas there.







Fărăzece Silver

I got my first Optimef last summer (pretty late indeed), when I was completely sucked into smartphones and technology, so far away from analog time reading as well as watches.It is now one of my statement pieces and I literally never go out without it. Not even to the local grocery store.





Here & Now Sterling Silver Pendant

Here is one of my favourite collaborations and actually, the beginning of Skin Deep – Here & Now silver necklace made with Andreea (Mogoșanu) jeweler at Moogu Contemporary Jewellery. Good news is that it is still available for pre-order.







The Backstage T-shirt
Our collaboration with Greetings Sugar recently turned one.
I love my Backstage t-shirt as if it were my own. *humour fail*
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