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It all started with a catchphrase. You know, that word or those expressions that come to you almost randomly, in the most unexpected situations, like when you hit a furniture corner with your bare foot and just say: “Oh, shit!” Then you repeat the words in your inner circle of friends until the expression becomes an inside joke, one that catches flight as it starts to be applied to other, unrelated situations. In this way, the words become language games, their meanings extending because they are lacking determined boundaries, until they become funny, redundant or even absurd. These word games are then filtered – through simple use or according to personal, subjective or even subconscious criteria – and the ones that stick, that still have a nice sound to them or can be applied to a larger array of situations are then transformed into hand written, calligraphic texts.
First written on paper, they are adapted to a digital format keeping, as much as possible, the spontaneity of the initial gesture. The resulting texts can be then adapted to products (T-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, underwear, tote bags) or can be used as such on social media, resembling the omnipresent witty quotes that everybody shares or likes on the internet.

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photos by Razvan Leucea & Ivana Mladenovic




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Free shipping for €200+ Bling